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How can a highly ambitious and disciplined entrepreneur who needs 8 hours ofsleep compete with an equally ambitious and disciplined entrepreneur who needsonly 4 hours of sleep?
For me entrepreneurship is not about how many hours you take a sleep. Itsabout utilizing each second of your life. Each and every second counts. Nomatter what other people think about you you always have to focus on IDEA beoriginal dont copy others and always be creative. Focus on winning. Thatswhat decides Who youre are going to be in your life.
Why won't U.S. Congress even consider funding Section 8 for poor people whoneed help paying rent?
Congress does fund Section 8 housing. The Department of Housing and UrbanDevelopment HUD manages the program and in Fiscal Year 2022 had anenacted passed by Congress and signed by the President budget of 47bn. InPresident Obamas proposed FY 2022 budget the administration asked for adepartmental budget of 48.9bn an increase of 1.9bn. Most of the increasefrom 2022. 2022 is for tenantbased rental assistance i.e. Section 8. HUDhas a lot of detail on their annual spending and departmental priorities ontheir site a good to place start is with HUDs Budget.
What are your suggestions to a high schooler who needs to run a mile within 8minutes but doing only 10 minutes?
Vasu thanks for the A2A.How much time do you have to prepare Is it only a mile you have to run or isit more How many miles do you run a weekAssuming that you have until spring and that you only have a time trial of amile there are a few things I would work on 3 aspects. 1. Increase your weekly distance. Dont exceed 10 a week. Have a long run that accounts for 13 of that distance and do it at an easy pace for now. 2. One of your runs should after a slow warmup have you doing hill repeats. Find a hill that will take you at least 90 seconds to climb. Run the hill with even effort and coast down it. Aim for 6 repeats and finish your run easy pace. 3. Speed play. On a run pick out a landmark ahead of you say the next corner and run as hard as you can to that point. Return to a reasonable pace recover and do it again. Not too far not too long and as you like it.About a month before your trial start to add a 2u20133 km fast portion to themiddle of your long run. Run it as close to your goal as you can. Then end therun easy pace.
We have 8 people who need to have access to one email account. what is thebest way to do this?
I was looking at this problem recently but donu2019t have a good working systemyet.See Courier Shared foldersI have the group method sortof working on a test machine the 8 people aremembers of a group that has readwrite access to the mail folders on the IMAPserver. The server needs to be configured to set the group access on newmessages and preserve it as the users create subfolders. In the variant I hadthe common account is placed as a subfolder in each useru2019s account using asymbolic link they login is themselves and see the common mail in a separatefolder from their own inbox. Much as one user can have the same account on twodevices you answer on one device it shows as answered on the other any ofthe 8 users could read or answer an email and the other 7 would see the statuschange. All 8 have an additional role as the common account so they can allsend thatu2019s easy.This avoids the security issues associated with sharing passwords one personleaves so you have to change the common password then the others have to besecurely sent the new password and not be locked out if they are on vacationor working at home.
Am 28 years old who need to study Radiology (estimated time 8 years), can Ipossibly do it to the end with all the life complications?
Not to sound flippant but every radiologist in existence has done it despitetheir own personal life complications. Life can be adjusted to your needs anddemands. I have seen many female radiology residents and fellows have babiesduring their training and still complete it very strongly. Its is a long roadbut if you want it you can certainly do it.
Would Bernie Sanders, as president, consider passing legislation to fundSection 8 program more for people who need assistance in paying rent?
Although i doubt itll be a first priority then yes he definetly would. He hasmore than once supported housing for the homeless not as idealistic as itsounds and to give every american a dignified existance.The only reason he wouldnt do this would be because it is more or lesshopeless to get through congress. And contrary to what some may tell you hedoes not have a record as a legislator of pushing hopeless programs.I will disclose that i personally like this policy.Why Cities Should Give Homes to the HomelessHomes for the Homeless Utahs efforts to get more people off the streets
NASA is going to send a ship to Mars & needs a crew that can live together forat least 12 months. What, who and how should they pick say a crew of 8 people?
NASAs astronaut training program works in such a way that the crews spendquite a bit of time together leading up to launch. This training includesmission simulations in mockups of the vehicle. With Mars missions it must beassumed that the crew would be larger than the 3 astronauts used the last timewe sent men outside LEO. The training would very likely include more than onelong stint in a vehicle simulation to train adapt and develope the teams. Think about ISS. The crew stays aboard for a mission of 6 months. You do nothear about drama on the crew but that does not mean it does not happen.
Which test would be easier: IELTS or PTE (Pearson Test Of English)?
Hello everyoneI took my pte last week on friday and they posted results on saturday. I tookadvantage of some posts on quora so I wanted to give back some of myexperiences. PTE vs IELTS In terms of score calculation PTE is much better. It gives partial points and even if you think you did really bad you can get good results. But PTE has some very specific question types that might be difficult. They wonu2019t be only judging your english skills. You need prepare for these question types. If you can get ready PTE will be favorable. IELTS have a difficult speaking scoring. Last time I thought I was perfect but only got 7. Also IELTS writing can fool you too To compare my Ielts and PTE results were like this Ielts W6.5 R 8.5 L8 S7 Overall 7.5 Pte W82 R86 L90 S90 Overall89 Pte Scored Practice W76 R72 L72 S51 Scored Practice test isnu2019t cheap. But it is helpful if you are taking PTE for the first time like me to understand the process. It also clearly shows where you need to focus. Preparation In general I studied for 2 weeks intensely. I used one the links a guy posted on quora. Thanks a lot for it again I couldnu2019t find his post later to thank. There are several tests with keys make sure to use that. I only used that. Also in general I found pratice tests harder. PTE Preparation Materials Google Drive Writing I studied using tests nothing special. Just find a tactic for one sentence summaries and try to read tips for weird question types. Other than that writing isnu2019t a big deal. Try to focus on your grammar and how well you covered the idea in questions. Reading Again the tests at least 8 of them. You will do a lot of reading when studying. Try to understand as much as possible while doing that. Listening This is easy. For writing from dictation donu2019t worry if you donu2019t remember or understand every word. Iu2019m 100 sure I missed some stuff on exam but still get 90. Work on your note taking skills. Speaking In general this was the most difficul one. 2 days before the exam I took scored practice test and I got only 51 from speaking. For 2 days I only worked on speaking. Graphs Charts Open google type charts and explain them as much as possible. I must have seen 100s of charts and explain them to myself. Important things 1 Speak slowly you donu2019t need to tell everything make sure you are fluent and thats it. Iu2019m again 100 sure I told some stuff wrong and I missed a lot of points but still scored 90.my tactic for graphs Tell the main point by using chart headlines Tell the years Tell the max and its numberyear If you still have time talk about some trend etc. Keep checking your time and adjust you speed. Previous week I was creazy I couldu2019t get better on timing or telling. But slowly by using this tactic I become somewhat efficient 2 Yes there are noises from other speakers but if you concentrate itu2019s nothing. Especially if they speak very loud donu2019t you start to speak louder. Keep your voice calm which will calm you. Just try to speak like itu2019s nothing. 3 Donu2019t forget to work on pictures. I got 2 pictures I think. 4 Donu2019t forget process maps. Iu2019m sure I completely misunderstood the process but still talked in a confident manner. 5 Donu2019t try to remember every word in repeat sentence. Only key ones enough. 6 Donu2019t write every work in re tell lecture. Key points are more than enough .Your pace and clearity is more important.I donu2019t want to write too long but I hope this helps some of you. If you haveany questions you can write comments.I wish good luck to everyone.
It seems most high IQ scholars go into theoretical sciences. I have an 8-year-old who needs a challenge and traditional education is not keeping hisinterest. What areas should I encourage him into and what are resources foryounger students?
Ask him what heu2019s interested in. Stop trying to channel him into something tofulfill your dreams. Let him be a child. Heu2019ll find his own way in life and ifyou push too hard heu2019ll surely go the other way.
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