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A pipe can fill a tank in 8 hours, but due to a leakage, it took 29 1/3 hours to fill the tank. If the tank is full, in how much time will it empty?
tank filling rate = 1/8time taken with leakage = 29 1/3 = 88/3new tank filling rate = 3/88therefore, rate of leakage = 1/8 - 3/88 = (11 - 3)/88 = 8/88 = 1/11hence, it will take 11 hours to empty the tank, if the tank is full.
Children bought some balloons, each of 2 litre capacity, to a chemist and asked him to fill them with hydrgas. The chemist possessed an 8 litre cylinder containing hydrat 10 ATM pressure. How many balloons could he fill with hydrgas?
From the equation PV = nRT ,Since temperature is constant PV = constantP1V1 = P2V2P1= pressure of gas cylinder (initial pressure)V1= volume of cylinder (initial volume)= 8 LtrP1= final pressure = 1 atmP1= final volume= (2N + 8) LtrWhere N = no of balloons filledFinal volume will be (2N+8) Ltr because cylinder will also occupied by the same gas {it won't become perfectly empty, some amount of gas will be left out. When pressure in cylinder drops to 1 atm, hydrgas inside the container will not come out, so 8 Ltr of gas (at 1 atm pressure) will be inside the cylinder} solve for N10x8 = 2N +8N= 36. (Maximum no of balloons that can be filled)
There are 2 containers, one with the capacity of 8 litres and the other with 3 litres. How do we fill these containers with 1 litre of milk?
Fill the 3L containerPour all the milk from 3L container to the 8L oneFill the 3L container againPour all the milk from 3L container to the 8L one. Now there will be 6L of milk in the big containerFill the 3L container againStart pouring the milk to 8L container. Stop when the big container is full.In the small container there is now 1L milk. You can discard all the milk from the big one.
How many staff do I need to fill 21 8 hour shifts per week?
depends when the shifts are. If there are 3 shifts per day over the whole week, youu2019ll need 3 full time employees working 40 hours per week and two part time employees working 24 hours per week. this could change depending on when all the shifts are, so without more info, thatu2019s pretty much the set up.
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