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Is it justified to build Amaravati by the Swiss challenge method?
Swiss challenge is a unique process of tendering in which the State Government provides Land, more than 50% of capital and also gives bank guarantee to the foreign Singapore based companies to the remaining amount and any dispute should be sorted out in London courts. And ironically previous AP government accepted it.But due to some intervention by some local contractor to knock the doors of high court, the decision could not be implemented.Let us find out details.First of all 1691 Acres of Business District will be identified. A consortium of three firms who are having the experience of construction work in Singapore are identified. But those are the persons who formed the firms in Singapore are Indians, settled there.The consortium deposits 6.5 crore rupees.The consortium firms should have the assets of 2,000 crores and experience of building construction on foreign soil.So it is a clear case of forming the guidelines in order to award tender to their interested persons. That is why the guide lines are made keeping their qualifications in view.And that too only one week time is given. So anybody can guess what the motive of the Government is.And also one more interesting point is that if it has to be challenged, it should be done in London Court.So, Andhra Pradesh Government will invest 221 crores. The land will be provided by Government. The Singapore consortium of firms will invest 306 crores , that too loan taken from Banks on guarantee from State Government.And also the consortium will take 5500 crores loan from bank which has to be paid back by State Government. So ultimately the total (5500+221+306=6027) belongs to the Government.So, all benefits comes to 12,000 crore rupees taking into consideration for land rates,creating basic facilities such as roads and their temporary quarters etc. and other material for construction.That way we are spending 12,000 crore for that their share of capital is 306 crores.Even that 306 crores is guaranteed by state government.For our investment of 12,000 crores and their investment of 306 crores , their share of profit is 58% while State govt’s is 42%.So that is the story of the swiss challenge.It is canvassed that The Singapore Government itself is taking the construction work, which is not true. Also Singapore Government is not having any experience in this regard. They are only experts in preparation of chocolates and Watches.All their construction is done by China and other countries.The firms asandas,Singbridge and zuron formed a consortium and taken permission from Singapore Government for taking contract in India. That was publicized as the Singapore Government constructing the project.Now the issue is in high court.If the court will not agree to the proposal, there will not be any problem.But, what the present government will do if the court upholds the decision?That is billion dollar question.JAI HINDsource:- Journalist sai videos
Why does YouTube get stuck at 301 views when a video gets really popular?
It's not about not counting spammy views or so on.More simply YouTube doesn't implement a counter that updates every time you view a video. It guess, based on the video popularity, how many views the video got.Also, this guessing is not real time updated.(i readed an interview with a youtube developer not so long ago, it was saying that they had to "learn how to lie about the views in a credible way")
Who was the greatest Roman Emperor?
Flavius Petronas Sabbatius Justinianus.He was the penultimate ruler of the Roman Empire when it was truly the hegemon of Europe. There would be great Emperors after him, but he's the big cheese.He was also the last Roman Emperor to truly imagine the west being restored.He had one of the greatest generals in world history at his command, although perhaps his name is not well known. The General was easily the equal of Napoleon or Moltke the Elder. If Belisarius was an EUIV general, he would be a 5/5/5/5. This guy literally tricked the Lombards into giving up control of the whole of Italy, restoring it to the suzerainty of Constantinople.He wrote the Corpvs Ivris Civilis, or the Body of Civil Law, the book which still forms the basis of European law, nearly 1600 years after his reign. He set about with the help of John the Cappadocian to reform the Roman tax law.Simply put, he showed the world that even after the fall of the West, Rome was still a force to be reckoned with, crushing the Persians at Dara, constructing the Hagia Sophia, and he made the Roman Empire go from this:To this:He is also noted for his famous Empress, Theodora, who was a courtesan who met Justinian at a Chariot race, and was smitten immediately. She saved his reign during the Nika revolts. She also worked hard to reunite the Christian Church which had been split at the council of Chalcedon.“Whether it is proper for a woman to give dangerous counsel in a time like this is neither here or there, but this is a time where such precaution can be overridden. If my Lord [Justinian] wishes to escape to safety, that is certainly possible. Here are our guards and yonder our ships. But, as it goes for me, I cannot bear to see the day when men do not call me Empress, and duly think, that Purple is the noblest shroud”Basically, she called Justinian a pussy. She may have also been the only woman in Roman history to hold absolute power. During the Plague, which Justinian caught, she ran the Empire, executing hundreds. It's a wonder Roman armies didn't battle each other to raise another ambitious man to the purple. Justinian was not of Noble blood, and was weeks from death at most. But he survived, and because of Theodora, he still had an Empire to wake up to.There is also the secret history, written by Procopios, also the main chronicler of Justinian's reign. He wrote of Justinian as a monster. Not figuratively, but a literal monster who could pop his head off and wander the palace at night. But it's been widely discredited as something he was hired to write about by a disgruntled Noble.
How does President Obama's golf outings compare with President Trump's?
Obama golfed on military bases in the DC area mostly, such as Andrews Air Force Base. He could take a helicopter for that and there were no special security requirements. According to Golf Digest,[1] Obama played 306 rounds of golf over 8 years as president, or 38 rounds per year. I don’t have a golfing cost figure for Obama, but the total travel budget for him and his family over 8 years was $114 million.[2]Donald Trump’s White House does not publish an official account of his golfing trips and won’t confirm when he plays golf. One website that tracks it says Trump’s golfing has documented 172 daytime visits to golf clubs with evidence of him playing on at least 200 times on 93 trips [updated 28-July-2019] occasions. The expense eis $106 million,[3] but that figure is in the process of being revised upward due to new data from the GAO that puts the cost per trip with Air Force One alone at $1 million.[4] Most of the cost is for Air Force One, plus there is extra security needed.Eisenhower played a lot more.Footnotes[1] We've crunched the numbers, and it's official: President Obama played A LOT of golf while in office - Golf Digest[2] The Obama family's travel costs topped $114 million and Trump's are $10 million so far, according to new documents[3] Trump Golf Count[4] https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/6...
The rasengan was originally a incomplete jutsu, what determines an incomplete jutsu?
The Rasengan was intended to have been fused with a chakra nature.(Source: Fourth Databook, pg. 306–7)The Fourth Hokage attempted to infuse it with Fire Release, Water Release, and Lightning Release during his lifetime. However, the Kyuubi Assault on Konoha came in too early, and he died thereafter, before ever finishing the jutsu.Kakashi and Jiraiya still knew of it, and continued developing it after Minato’s death.Jiraiya developed multiple variations of the Rasengan, including the Big Ball Rasengan, and the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan.Kakashi continued Minato’s mission into infusing it with a chakra nature, Raiton, but during the process he failed and created another variant, the Chidori.After Sasuke learns the technique, multiple variants of the Chidori were also made(Raikiri, Purple Lightning), which were third-degree variants of the Rasengan.Meanwhile, after Jiraiya thought the technique to Naruto, Naruto finally completed the technique by creating the Wind Release: Rasengan:Shortly thereafter, Naruto invents the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, which was a more powerful variant of the completed Rasengan.Although Kakashi failed to infuse the Rasengan with Raiton, this 12 year old child manages to do it shortly after he learns the Rasengan.Meet the Vanishing Rasengan, which is the complete Lightning Release version of the Rasengan that Kakashi, K a k a s h i, and Minato both failed at applying to the Rasengan multiple times. Boruto has apparently been able to cough create it the moment he mastered the original Rasengan.
What's different about the Air Force Academy and West Point?
Well, I’m due for a few bonus points, so here goes.The United States Military Academy at West Point was originally an Army fort. General Washington considered West Point to be the most important strategic position in America. He personally selected Thaddeus Kosciuszko, one of the heroes of Saratoga, to design the fortifications for West Point in 1778, and Washington transferred his headquarters to West Point in 1779. Continental soldiers built forts, batteries and redoubts and extended a 150-ton iron chain across the Hudson to control river traffic. Fortress West Point was never captured by the British, despite Benedict Arnold's treason. West Point is the oldest continuously occupied military post in America. It was converted to a military academy in 1802 by President Thomas Jefferson. It was West Point that defined military education for officers, setting it as the “first step” in a litany of education for officers to partake of during their careers.[1]In stark contrast, the Air Force Academy is different in almost every way from West Point. It is, far and away, the youngest academy (as is the military service for which it trains and recruits new officers). The Academy was envisioned almost immediately after the Air Force became a separate service in 1947. A board was assembled in 1948 to start the process of reviewing Army and Navy academies to understand what was needed in an Air Force Academy. On April 1st, 1954, Congress authorized the construction of an Air Force Academy (and by the way, the irony is not lost on us that our Academy was authorized on April Fool’s Day). The Air Force was already well prepared for that day. The curriculum was already in development at Maxwell AFB several years before. The site in Colorado was selected because of its isolated location, yet still close enough to large towns, good weather for training, and not the least of which that the state of Colorado offered to contribute US$1 Million towards the purchase of the land. In the same year that construction for the new Academy began (1955), the first class of 306 men was sworn in at a temporary Academy location at Lowry AFB in Denver. On 29 Aug 1958, the wing of 1145 cadets took up residence at their now-permanent location on Academy property. The first class graduated in 1959.As for interesting traditions, I can tell you that West Point has far more interesting traditions than we do, simply because we didn’t have time to develop them. But I will fill you in on the one item which could be considered as close as you can come to a “secret handshake” for Air Force Academy grads. We have a form at the Academy called USAFA Form 0–96 (that’s pronounced “Oh-Dash-Nine-Six”), the “Cadet Food Acceptability Report.”Except that it’s not used as an actual “food acceptability report.” It’s used to teach military form writing skill, how to correct mistakes on a military form, to always carry a pen, and how to prthe “correct” answer, which occasionally is not always the “right” answer. I know that seems strange, but read this blog post and you’ll get a better idea of what I mean. Anyway, the “correct” answers for the top of the form are “Fast, neat, average, friendly, good, good.” Regardless of the actual quality of the meal (which is always exceptional, by the way), the “correct” answers are always the same.The tale is told that during the Vietnam Conflict, a downed Academy graduate did not have (or could not remember) the correct answers for his security authentication in order to be picked up by rescue craft. When the chopper pilot (also a grad) heard that the downed pilot was a grad, he radioed, “Authenticate fast neat average.” When the downed pilot replied, “Friendly good good,” he was picked up and returned home.Footnotes[1] West Point History - Home
What is the length of a single SMS? What happens if my message exceeds the limit?
Hello Everyone....Bulk SMS service is a service where people can send a lots of SMS (Promotional and Transactional SMS) to the people at a same time , also they can target their particular customer.Length of one SMS - SMS stands for short message service and is also commonly referred to as a “text message”. With a SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device or another mobile phone.Most of the operator gateway supports upto 1000 character message whereas each and every operator charges depends on the character they charge on multiple credits.What is SMS credit? How many letters can I write in a SMS?You can send any length of message through a single Message. But, Your sms credits will deducted as per Letters used in that message.The calculations are as below,ENGLISH SMS credits - Counting Mechanism160 letters = 1 SMS credit160+146 = 306 letters = 2 SMS credits160+146+153= 459 letters = 3 SMS credits160+146+153+153 = 612 letters = 4 SMS credits160+146+153+153+153 = 765 letters = 5 SMS creditsIt continues.....UNICODE SMS credits - Counting Mechanism (Hindi & other Regional Languages)70 letters = 1 SMS credit70+62 = 132 letters = 2 SMS credits70+62+66= 198 letters = 3 SMS credits70+62+66+66 = 264 letters = 4 SMS credits70+62+66+66+66 = 330 letters = 5 SMS creditsIt continues.....One SMS is 160 characters in length. You can send longer messages using a process called concatenation. We use speacial characters to join the SMS together and deliver them as one message. Due to the use of characters to join the messages there are inconsistencies in the length of following SMS. This is the break down.Number of SMS Characters1 = 1602 = 3063 = 4594 (Maximum) = 621Do I pay for each SMS in my message?Yes, we charge for each SMS sent, not each message sent.If you send 10 messages that are 160 characters and under (1 SMS) in length, you will be charged for 10 messageIf you send 10 messages that are 306 characters and under (2 SMS) in length, you will be charged for 20 messagesDo spaces and line breaks add to my character count?Yes, each line break, space and carriage return adds to your character count.1 space = 1 character1 line break = 2 charactersIf I use a variable in my message can that make my meassage too long?We count every character in a variable. If you have a message that is 152 charcters in length and the name that is inserted into the variable is 9 characters in length you will be charged for 2 SMS (152 + 9 = 161). We suggest that you find the longest name in your list and keep enough spare characters in your message to allow for it.KAPSYSTEM is the best Bulk SMS Service provider serving more than 4000+ clients across the globe.If you want any help on BULK SMS Service you can reach me atsunitha@kapsystem.comTo test the Service Click on- free dem
My GPA is 2.67, GRE is 306, and 6.5 IELTS. What colleges can I apply for an MS?
Dear, Firstly, if you could specify what program you would like to apply, it will be helpful in assessing your candidature.   Although it’s hard to comment on the universities list, but certainly we can give you an indicative list depending on the choice of your major/specialization.  GRE score alone will not help you to get into some good universities; applying to grad schools involves writing a Statement of Purpose or Intent, in an essay format that needs to be addressed at the time of application. The idea is to get a complete assessment of your profile at a qualitative level • what you consider important enough to call an achievement or what you might consider your weakness or your biggest strength, will tell the admissions officers a lot about who you are. Besides what you state, they will be reading between the lines • dwelling on aspects like language and expression to finally understand your aspirations, conviction, character and mind-set. Also, you need to highlight the projects, papers or any other research undertaken during your academic or professional tenure and correlate the same with the on-going research at the proposed University.  Assuming that you might want to apply for MS in Computer Science,we are giving you  an indicative list of universities.  1.?NYU - Brooklyn?2.?Syracuse University? 3.?RIT?4.?SUNY - Albany? 5.?Clemson University? 6.? University of Texas - Arlington?7.?University of South Carolina8. New Jersey Institute of Technology  Hope this info helps you in ascertaining your academic plans.
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