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What kind of questions does the US OPM ask when doing a security clearanceinvestigation?
First of all itu2019s important to know that the questions the investigator willask you are the same questions asked of every single reference in all cases.In other words the questions are not tailored to the individual seeking theclearance. So if some of the questions seem really intense no worriesu2026theyall have to be asked. No matter what the investigator canu2019t skip anyquestions just because they donu2019t apply to the Subject person seeking theclearance.The investigator will want to know how long you guys have known each otherhow you met and how often you have contact. You will be asked about yourfriendu2019s employment military history schools marital status kids andwhere he lives. Youu2019ll be asked if he has any arrests in his history mentaland emotional issues foreign contacts foreign travel if he drinks alcoholand if so how much any drug use financial issues conduct issues in themilitary misuse of information and technology hacking and whether or nothe has any associations to terrorist organizations.You will be asked if you have any reason to question his integrity judgementhonesty or loyalty to the US. The investigator will ask you if you wouldrecommend him for a position involving national security. You can say u201cyesu201du201cno reason not tou201d u201cI donu2019t know him well enough to sayu201d or u201cno.u201d If you sayu201cnou201d you have to say why.Finally the investigator is going to ask you for a lead that will be someoneelse who knows your friend the Subject that the investigator can call andinterview as a reference. Do your friend and the investigator a huge favor andgive the investigator a lead with a good phone number for that lead. Thoseleads are crucial to the case and will expedite the clearance process.If you are looking for more security clearance fun check my article onapplying for a security clearance The mystery stress of filling out theSF86 for a Security Clearance Leah Downing OR get my 1 Best SellerAmazon.com Catch a Falling Star Shooting Stars Series Book 1 eBook LeahDowning Kindle StoreGood luck Let me know how the interview goes
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