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I’m 16 years old. Two months ago, I weighed 175 lbs, and I am now 163 pounds. Though I've lost 10 lbs, I've lost almost no body fat. What am I doing wrong?
Not all of the weight lost was necessarily a part of your body to begin with. A difference of 10 lbs could simply mean that the earlier weight was measured while fully dressed right after having a huge meal, while everything was still sitting in the stomach but not digested, and the later weight was measured while half-naked after a satisfying trip to the toilet and having slept in a few extra hours. Our weight can fluctuate noticeably throughout the day as we eat and drink and sleep and use the toilet. Not everything that shows up on the scale has been incorporated into our bodies.Depending on what you’re doing, it’s possible that the only thing you’re doing wrong is to expect noticeable change in two months. Bodies don’t like to change and they try very hard to maintain fat. It took me years of regular physical activity and healthy eating before my clothes started feeling noticeably loose. Many people have lost weight and fat faster by using shortcuts, but many people also regain their lost weight as well. If you keep getting a healthy amount of regular physical activity and if you keep eating the necessary amounts of healthy vegetables, then your body will eventually rebuild itself to a healthier size. There have been studies suggesting that the body replaces only 10% of fat cells per year, so it might take 10 years of good habits to replace all the fat cells that remember being big and to fully realize the healthy body you were supposed to have.
My height was predicted half a year ago to be 165 cm because of the lack of nutrition and such. Now, I'm 163, eating more and started to train. Do you think I will be 165? I'm 16 years old so it seems weird to grow just 2 cm for the next years.
Hi handsome. Since our prime discussion is height, let us talk everything about height. Height is vertical growth/length of the body. It usually occurs usually upto 16 years of age in males; may sometimes ramdomly show colors even later, upto the age of 18-19 years. Height does not take place continously; it happens in a periodic spikes. Height is also, absolutely genetic. A lazy youngster might grow taller than an active athletic youngster who won ‘Student of the Year’. No amount of cycling and hanging can help height; viceversa, resistance training does not affect height, unless misused, to finish off the bone’s epyphyseal/growth plate.Height suppresses with age and time. Why? Through the years, we become lazier than before due to table constrained work, lack of adequate physical activity, spoilt lifestyle, lack of rest, depression, bad food quality, fat collection, etc. The list is endless. The knees tend to curve, your feet balance either inward or outward, the pelvis tends to lose balance, your shoulders droop down, the neck starts coming forward, the lower back stoops forward due to fat collection in the belly. All this unknowingly play with your posture; and posture relates to height.Coming back to our question, you were counted as 165 cms; roughly 5'4? (1 inch=2.54 cms). It's slightly less for your age. There is full possibility to surge up; but again, genetics here. Nothing can beat genetics. If either of your parent is slightly short; or maybe their parent, or some relative, anything. Nobody can predict height. But talking practical, it is not right for you to lose 2 inches at this age. Then why?You said you've started to eat more. But what? Do you think eating means eating anything? Or even if it is increase in quantity of your usual eatery, maybe all is not right. You must have at least 1 gram of protien, per kilogram of your body weight. Compound carbohydrates is another thing you've tho look at; foods that do not digest quickly and help you keep full for a longer period of time. You must consume 20% of your diet as good fats; ie. omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids.Secondly, as a growing youth who is still on a lookout for height; you must exercise likewise with weights. You may do every exercise with weights, but be careful to see that you do not resort to weights where you cannot perform 20 repetitions. That type of weight can hamper your epyphyseal/growth plate, if it is still existing. Your style of standing with drooped shoulders, not holding a high head, not protracting your chest/pushing out your ribcage, looking down towards the mobile all day long; these are the prime fundamental causes of you falling shorter than your previous height, at this age.At 52, I seem to stand about an inch taller with the help of all these practices + regular stretching, pullups, etc. Do you think I could grow taller at this age? Never. But stretching my backbone regularly, has definitely stretched my upper body. All my friends of similar height, look shorter than me, today.So, please understand that there is nothing wrong; in fact, it is great to exercise. You have to repair your lifestyle. Spend quality time in the gym, not quantitative time. Spend less life of interval between sets. Do not pick your mobile after each set; you unrealizingly spend more than double time of rest, with it. Try to complete your workout within an hour. Your gym is not the end. Practice to improve your lifestyle and posture, as we discussed above. You will soon see yourself aiming upward again. ALL THE BEST !!For more info, contact 9833303994 or zubinptl.46@gmai.com
What are some of the most mind-blowing facts?
Hello, EVERYONE : )Here are some of the most interesting facts about Antarctica,Tinder(the dating app) works in Antarctica. An American scientist was the first and only person to find a match on Tinder in Antarctica. He wanted to see if there were any women out on the icy, lonely continent. At first, no profiles showed up, but after the scientist expanded the app’s location radius, he actually found someone: another researcher, just a 45-minute helicopter ride away.Polar bears have never met penguins except in TV commercials (drinking soda) or in a zoo. Polar bears live in the Arctic (the North Pole) while the penguins live in Antarctica (the South Pole). There are no polar bears in Antarctica. And there are no penguins in Arctic.The world's oldest sperm was found in Antarctica in a 50 million-year-old fossilized clitellate worm cocoon in Antarctica.More Meteorites are found in Antarctica than anywhere else in the world.In Antarctica around 1% of the continent (4,000 km or 2,500 mi) is permanently ice-free • such areas are called dry valleys or Antarctic oasis. They are thought to be the world’s harshest deserts and it is estimated that these areas haven’t seen rain or snow in almost 2 million years.Emilio Marcos Palma was the first person to be born in Antarctica in 1978. Since then, ten more people have been born on the continent.There is a waterfall in Antarctica which is called Blood Falls. The water beneath Taylor Glacier, which feeds the Blood Fall, contains a lot of iron (picked up from the underlying bedrock) and when iron-rich water comes in contact with air, the iron oxidizes and takes on a red coloring, leaving blood-like stains on the ice.The average Ice sheet thickness in Antarctica is 1 mile. On average, the ice is more than one mile (1.6 km) thick, but in some sections it can get as thick as almost three miles (4.8 km).If all of the Antarctic ice melted, sea levels in the world would rise about 200 feet (61 meters). This could endanger 300 crore population of the world as of now.The highest temperature on Antarctica is 67.6 °F (19.8 °C) which was recorded on Signy island, located on the South Orkney Islands of Antarctica, back in 1982.There are two civilian towns in Antarctica. The larger town Villa Las Estrellas (The Stars Town), founded in 1984 by Pinochet. Today, this town is a research station and has a school, hospital, hostel, post office, internet and even TV and mobile phone coverage. The other town is called Esperanza Base and serves as an Argentine research station. It houses 55 inhabitants in winter, including 10 families and 2 school teachers. The town was established in 1953. It became widely-known in 1978 due to the birth of Emilio Marcos Palma, the first person to be born in Antarctica.The world’s largest recorded iceberg, was Iceberg B-15, which measured around 183 miles (295 km) long and 23 miles (37 km) wide, with a surface area of 4,200 square miles (11,000 sq km) • making it larger than the whole island of Jamaica. In 2022. the Iceberg B-15 broke up into smaller icebergs and later drifted away into the sea.Antarctica was once a Tropical continent and it can become one again due to CO2 Emissions.Antarctica, The Arctic and some other remote islands are the only places in the world not colonized by ants.Antarctica has recorded the lowest surface temperature on Earth -144 °F (-98 °C) .Illusion of snowing. Due to strong winds upto 200 miles per hour (320 km/h), the snow is picked up from the ground and moved around, which might look like it’s snowing.As of today, more than 300 large bodies of water have been identified under the continent of Antarctica. They do not freeze because of geothermal heat and pressure or simply put • the warmth of Earth’s core.According to the European Space Agency (ESA), in only three years, Antarctica has lost so much ice due to climate change, that it caused a shift in the Earth’s gravitational pull.Sled dogs have been banned from Antarctica in 1994. They were banned from the continent due to fear that they might transmit canine distemper to the Antarctic seals or would escape and disturb the local wildlife.Even in one of the harshest climates in the world, people find time to build places of worship. There are seven churches in Antarctica.Antarctica has one ATM which was established in 1998.There is so much that we don't know yet about our planet, Earth. This is especially true when it comes to places which are remote, hard to reach and where the climate is harsh and uninviting. That makes Antarctica one of the most mysterious places on Earth - it's an icy, remote, desolate desert with many secrets that are yet to be unraveled.Thanks for scrolling down,Have a chilly day : )Credits : 27 Facts About Antarctica That You Probably Didn’t Know Yet
Why do people pretend in Quora to have a high IQ?
I’m assuming this question is directed at people like me, listing an IQ number in their credentials that is much higher than average. I’m not lying, but I can tell you why I do it.When I was 11 years old, I suffered from really bad depression/PTSD. As such, my caregivers were generous enough to pay for sessions with a trauma counselor (Basically, a therapist specifically trained to deal with PTSD). She asked me in our very first session if I ever felt really sad. I told her I felt sad all of the time. She asked me why, and I gave her a list of reasons- one of those reasons was because I felt like I was stupid, compared to my classmates. She disagreed, and to prove to me that I smart like she thought I was, she gave me an IQ test. I actually scored higher than 163, for the record- but this was years ago, and years of drug use seems to have damaged it, to some extent. The 163 number is from my most recent IQ test, when I was 18 years old.Anyway, scoring that high on an IQ test at such a young age changed my life. I was placed in high school, which I graduated from at 14. I became a student at Harvard university a year later. Now, as you can imagine, this means I have a lot of very unique life experiences and stories to go along with all of that. I have insight into a type of life that not many people get to experience, and I sometimes answer questions related to these experiences. That’s why I list my IQ as a credential, because it’s relevant to many of my answers.
Was IBM as hyped as Google today 15 years ago?
Even more hyped! Whole companies were devoted to reading IBM's entrails and figuring out what it might do next, since so much depended on it.Google is still a small and unimportant company compared to IBM in its heyday. Google is still smaller than Apple, IBM, and Microsoft, whereas IBM was twice as big as every other IT company put together. Indeed, it used to be the world's richest and most powerful company, and topped the Fortune 500.IBM's monopoly -- which survived at least three major US government anti-trust suits -- was eventually taken apart by a handful of tiny companies, led by Intel and Microsoft. (Both, I should add, benefited hugely because IBM chose their products for its standard-setting IBM PC in 1981.)Intel became the IBM of microprocessors, Microsoft became the IBM of PC software, Cisco the IBM of routers, and so on.Google is the IBM of the web.However, IBM mainframes still run a lot of America's infrastructure, including the major banks and insurance companies, supermarket distribution, air traffic control and so on. (More than 400 of US Fortune 500 companies still run on them.)If Google disappeared tomorrow, nobody would care. Everything Google does today, somebody else does almost as well if not better. However, if all IBM's equipment suddenly vanished, the US might well collapse.Sure, those mainframes could be replaced, but it would take an enormous amount of time, cost and effort. That's why they are still in place after 50 years.Update: here’s a graph I made for a ZDNet blog post that shows how dominant IBM was, by annual revenues, in 1985.IBM's turnover of $50.06bn dwarfed minicomputer-maker DEC (Digital Equipment Corp), which made $7.03bn, then Sperry ($5.53bn) and Burroughs ($5.04bn), who merged to form Unisys in 1986. Apple ($1.75bn) was the biggest PC company, ahead of Commodore ($0.8bn). Among the tiddlers were Lotus Development ($225 million) and Microsoft ($163 million),
If an unarmed human was suddenly sent back say ~300 million years, would they survive faced with the creatures that lived at that time?
Several people have suggested that pathogens would kill a person sent back 300 million years.I disagree.First, there were no mammals or birds at that time, just fish, insects, reptillomorphs, and early reptiles.  There are very few pathogens that can infect humans and reptiles.  It seems unlikely that such pathogens would have been just be floating around 300 million years ago when there were no mammals for them to evolve to infect.Second, immune systems and pathogens have been in an arms race since pathogens first evolved.  Even "living fossils" like crocodiles probably have immune systems that have developed far beyond what their similar looking ancestors from a few tens of millions of year ago had.  I think it is very unlikely that any pathfrom 300 million years ago would last long when faced with a modern human's immune system.  It is more likely that pathogens you brought back with you would run wild among the local fauna, wiping out entire species and perhaps even causing a major extinction event.That said, some of the larger reptillomorphs were probably quite dangerous if they decided you were food.  Proterogyrinus was 2.5 meters long.  That is probably big enough to kill you.
If there was life on other planets, is it likely we are more or less advanced?
First things first: evolution's not a ladder. Older organisms are not necessarily more "advanced" than younger ones; in fact, due to the evidence for universal common descent, it appears that all life on Earth is equally old. With that said, assuming that older organisms are likely to be more advanced than younger ones is pretty reasonable!Now, let's take a look at the most Earth-like exoplanets we know about. The Earth is about 4.54 billion years old. HD 40407 g is a mere 1.2 billion years (gigayears) old.Gliese 667 is anywhere between 2 and 10 billion years old.Gliese 163 is about 5.5 billion years old. Tau Ceti e is around 5.8 billion years old. The Gliese 581 planets are at least 7 billion years old.So, it looks like we're one of the younger ones! Does that mean we should worry about aliens from one of those planets coming for us with technology a billion years ahead of ours?Nope. We shouldn't worry about that even a little bit.Why not? Because we have zero evidence that there's anything intelligent on those planets. No radio waves, nothing. Granted, we've only had about a century to look. And it's totally possible that there's intelligent life there that uses forms of communication we can't detect, either electromagnetic radiation in less "leaky" forms than radio waves (say, laser communication), or even quantum entanglement. But there are good reasons to think that there's nothing intelligent there. Why? First because if there were intelligent life there, it really ought to have gotten here by now. A species capable of spaceflight at  10% of the speed of light would only take about 5 million years to colonize the entire galaxy.  We're closer to those exoplanets than most of the galaxy is. If they were more advanced than us, they should have conquered us by now.Second, because the development of intelligent life on Earth was an enormous stroke of luck that may not have occurred on other planets.For the first ~1.5 billion years of life, there's not much evidence of anything multicellular; the first definite muticellular algae appeared 2.1 billion years ago. While there was a variety of multicellular organisms in the pre-Ediacaran biota, nothing that looks much like animals appears until the Ediacaran, a mere 600 million years ago.As for intelligent animals, the smartest species alive today are us, our closest primate relatives (called "hominins"), elephants, and dolphins. (I'm not going to speculate about dinosaur intelligence; people who know that area a lot better than I do don't seem to agree on much). The earliest possible hominin we know about is Sahelanthropus, which lived about 7 million years ago. Animals comparable to modern elephants (e.g. Eritreum) and dolphins (e.g. Kentriodon) appeared on the order of 20 million years ago. High intelligence appears to be a quite recent phenomenon.In other words: while we can't extrapolate much from a sample size of one, it looks like a stroke of luck that Earth ended up with animals at all, let alone a species capable of space travel. It's very plausible that other habitable planets didn't end up with anything like us. In conclusion?  As far as we can tell, we are the most advanced species out there. And since we haven't been invaded from one of the exoplanets with multi-billion-year head starts yet, we probably are.
How was your SSC CGL 2022 Mains?
My tier 1 score was 152.5 and I starting preparing for tier 2 by the end of august. My target was to get post of income tax inspector for which I needed around 345 marks in mains (on the basis of last year's result). I was always confident of achieving this target because I had scored 45.5 and 42.5 in maths and English respectively in tier 1. Also my score in testbook test series was constantly crossing 360. I had a marriage at home in November and a few other important occasions which had an impact on my studies but the continual postponement of exam took care of it as I felt like even God is conspiring to help me achieve my target. Overall my preparation was satisfactory but I couldn't revise vocabulary which I had prepared earlier.Then came the D-day. It was 18th February and I already had an idea about the difficulty level of exam thanks to the news pouring about 17th feb exam. I reached the exam centre well in time and after some formalities and frisking, exam started.I started maths quite well as I had solved 5 questions in first 4 minutes and then I skipped 1 question. Skipping a maths question had always been a tough task for me because I take it a bit personally and easier level of testbook test series didn't ever require me to skip anything, so I was a bit clumsy in the art of skipping questions. I continued and exam went well for some 20 odd minutes. Then there was a phase of 8–10 minutes and I tried 7–8 questions which all looked solvable but somehow I just couldn't get the answer. I strongly felt that 2 of those questions were wrong but still I had wasted 10 minutes without any attempt. My heart started pounding and my vision shook a bit but somehow I recollected myself as I did in tier 1 exam (similar thing happened in tier 1 exam too). I continued doing questions and simultaneously skipped difficult ones. I entered a zone of peak concentration and continued doing questions without panicking somehow. There were quite a few questions which looked easy but on solving it for 1 minute, i was nowhere close to getting the answer but I couldn't skip it then because I had already invested 1 min on that. It continued and I had seen the 100th questions in around 111 minutes attempting 76. Then I tried remaining questions and some of them (especially algebra questions) were solved by me in 15 seconds each by putting some values and those were the same questions which I couldn't solve even in 1.5 minutes earlier. Again I investef some time in those 2 questions which I felt were wrong and made a random guess on 1 of them. When around 30 seconds were left I was trying to solve a mensuration problem and I got the answer just 3 seconds before the completion of exam and hastily I clicked on wrong option (facepalm). Still I managed to attempt 84 questions including 1 guess and 1 wrong click. I was feeling strange at that time and while coming out of the exam centre I was almost in tears. I wanted to cry. My dream of becoming Income tax inspector was in pieces and all my planning of making my parents, my siblings and my friends proud was suddenly gone. I sat in my car and my mind was again wandering about my shattered dream.On the basis of previous years questions and ny practice, I had known that sentence rearrangements, cloze test and passage will be in later half of exam and I needed to be alert and fresh to do them efficiently. But there was no chance of relaxing or resting after disastrous 1st exam. To keep my mind away from maths exam, I took out my English book and started revising phrasal verbs. I did it for two hours which should have been done in 70–80 minutes. I had an ice cream and again entered the exam hall at 2:40pm. I don't know how but I was feeling calm and collected at that time (maybe because of Ice cream). Exam started and I started brilliantly. I was afraid of passage and cloze test because that would require reading it completely with tired mind but I kept on going. 1st passage done, 2nd done, then 3rd and so on. Sentence rearrangements were easy ,so were voice narration. One question involving a habitual action in direct speech was to be converted. I had read that it is not to be converted but in kiran 8900+ book I had seen many similar questions where tense was converted. There was a dilemma for around 1 minute and at last I attempted according to kiran book which ultimately proved wrong. Error finding was a bit moderate and sentence improvement which had been a bane for me in mock tests were easy. Overall I was going great till I encountered vocabulary section. There was a word “scurrilous” which I had known earlier but because of lack of revision I just couldn't recall the meaning. There was another word “esoteric” with same story. But I attempted both of these questions and both were proved to be wrong. There were a few idioms which I was seeing for the very first time but on the basis of common meanings and options, I attempted all of them and most of them were correct when I checked them later on internet. Overall English exam was good and I attempted 197 with 10 minutes left for a good short nap. Although It was my first attempt but on the basis of previous year questions in kiran book, I felt English was a bit on the easier side compared to previous years. While coming out I felt like I had restored some of my pride with English exam.I'm expecting around 155 in maths and 165 in English which will add to 320 marks. It is well short of my target but I guess this is how life works. Sometimes all your hard work is not enough and you have to try even harder. Although I had worked hard this time too and I am not entirely sure if I can study any more than this time but still I will once again put my heart and soul in ssc cgl preparation.On expected cutoff :- After coming home when I checked analysis of exams, all were saying that it was a very tough especially maths and 70 is a good attempt in it and cutoff will atleat be lowered by 25–30 marks. But we have seen similar reviews during tier 1 saying that cutoff won't cross 120 but it was 131 (it was reduced just to accommodate 40k more students). To be certain, I checked analysis of 2022 tier 2 exam and I was shocked to see the similar reviews. Again it was stated that 70 was a good attempt and exam was very tough so cutoff would be lower. So I don't think cutoff will fall just for maybe 5–10 marks. Another thing is, there were 189k students appearing this time and only 10k of them would get the job. There will be atleast 20k stidents who will have done very well in this exam and must be having 165+ in tier 1. They would take all the jobs and rest of us would have to toil hard again.Sorry for English errors and thanks for tolerating this excruciatingly long answer.Edit-- I'm not entirely sure whether those 2 questions were wrong or not but under exam pressure, I felt they were wrong.And these are the sources where I found good attempts in tier 2 of 2016
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