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What is the USA job demand for Java vs Python?
Python prosRead it use it with ease. The main characteristics of a Python program isthat it is easy to read says Pierre Carbonnelle a Python programmer andblogger who runs the PyPL language index.Python is easy to use and extremely popular in academia creating a largetalent pool says Sumit Chachra CTO at Tivix a software consulting firm thatspecializes in PythonDjango development. Django and Python are leveraged byTivix in Web and mobile development he says.Internet of things opportunities. Python may become popular for the Internetof things as new platforms such as Raspberry Pi are based on it Carbonnellesays. Raspberry Pis documentation cites the language as a wonderful andpowerful programming language thats easy to use easy to read and write andwith Raspberry Pi lets you connect your project to the real world.Asynchronous coding benefits. Python Deibel says is great for writingasynchronous code which rather than threading uses a single event loop to dowork in small units.Multiparadigm approach bests Java. Pythons programming approach is not aslimited as Javas Carbonnelle says. For example you dont need to create anOO class to print Hello world in Python you have to in Java.Pythons consSpeed can be an issue. Because it is an interpreted language it is oftenmany times slower than compiled languages Curtin says. However it comesback to separating the language from the runtime. Certain benchmarks of Pythoncode run under PyPy run faster than the equivalent C code or others.Absence from mobile computing and browsers. Python is present on many serverand desktop platforms but it is weak in mobile computing very few smartphoneapplications are developed with Python says Carbonnelle. It is also rarelyseen on the client side of a Web application.Design restrictions. Python devotees cited several issues with the design ofthe language. Because the language is dynamically typed it requires moretesting and has errors that only show up at runtime Chachra says.Pros and Cons of JavaIt took one of the authors just over two days to complete a working prototypeof the system with his time divided roughly equally between implementing theJava stack model and translation script and writing the vector methods. Fromthis standpoint the experiment was clearly a success we quickly had aworking system that enabled us to execute N code on any Java platform.In terms of language features Javas stack and array classes were a greathelp in rapid prototyping and the languages builtin garbage collectionmeant that we did not have to adapt the referencecounting code used by theVCODE interpreter. We did not exploit Javas objectoriented features thereis no inheritance and very few little composition of objects. In essence weused Java as a portable dialect of C with garbage collection and a goodcollection of preexisting data structures.Some aspects of Java slowed down both the development process and thegenerated code. Without templates parametric polymorphism or a builtinpreprocessor it is impossible to generate efficient typespecialized versionsof the same basic method from within Java itself. Although useful forprototyping the standard Java stack class is limiting in that it allowsmanipulation only of the element at the top of the stack whereas VCODErequires the ability to operate on multiple elements at arbitrary positions inthe stack. In terms of runtime performance creating Java arrays is relativelyexpensive because they are defined to be filled with the null valueappropriate for their type. This requirement causes an implicit loop over thearray even though the initialization is unnecessary for arrays that will bewritten before being read. Finally because Java is a young language there islittle performance data available for use in making informed design andoptimization decisions.However it is easy to solve or work around most of these problems. We couldhave used an external preprocessor such as the Unix m4 tool to generatemultiple typespecialized versions of each vector method
How do the USA job protectionist principles of Michael Moore differ from theUSA job protectionist principles of Donald Trump?
They don’t.. prior to 2022 MM agreed with 90 of Trumps policies but inorder to maintain his street cred MM needs to appear in a constant state ofoutrage.
Is The Wharton School’s forecast correct that the Trump immigration plan willcost 4 million USA jobs by 2030?
No one can really know ahead of time what the exact effect of a large policyshift will be but something like this sounds plausible. Deport 12 millionundocumented immigrants from the US en masse and you’ll see just how key theywere in terms of US economic prosperity. You’re going to see a lot of thosejobs go unfilled which is going to undercut a lot of industries. A lot ofagriculture is dependent on hardworking illegal immigrants and it’s hard tosee how that industry would operate under Trump’s immigration plans.Of course Trump vacillates a lot on what his plans actually are but they’reusually something like “deport every undocumented person build a wall to keepout new ones and curtail legal immigration from Muslim countries”.What I find particularly funny is that the Wharton School at Pennsylvania isDonald Trump’s alma mater. So far the Wharton School has been incrediblycircumspect in commenting about its relationship with Trump who was anundergrad there…not a member of the more prestigious MBA program.It’s very tough to know exactly what will happen if Trump’s immigration plansare accepted but it’s hard to envisage mass deportations of 12 million peoplewithout also seeing a lot of economic pain in the process.
Does USA job experience count for searching a job in India?
Yes.A job in USA definitely be a good experience in India.Most of the companies working in India are of US origin so it will add to yourprofile as you have a diverse experience.Only Gulf experience is not counted in India.Cheers
How is USA jobs data related to fed rate hike?
USA job data Inflation and Economic growth rate are considered before FEDrate hike sometimes consumers spending data and data related to reality andproperty is also calculated.From Last six months we saw that during FED meet Inflation data missing andgrowth in employment data and Economic growthEmployment which remains 5 or so. is healthy in this also we go deepfurther and see minimum pay and employment in different sectors as well wealso see employment claims Trump is considered as a job guy and will add morejobs particularly in infrastructureInflation data that FED is looking for is 2 or so for rate hike that isunderstandable because rate hike is often used to curb inflationary likesituations. Other data will be disturbed if we ignore Inflation and may giveside effects. Thats why Janet yellen remains status quo since JulyJanet did not hurt the sentiments and did let the economy grow as far as itcan even though markets gurus criticized her many times. But as we see todaymarkets are on record high
How many Silicon Valley or USA jobs have Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent [AKA China'shigh-tech industry actually destroyed]?
Competition is good. It forces everyone to be better at their game. Furtherthere is a lot of cross financial investment as well as talent sharingstealing.Everyone is better for the competition.Many employees have worked at multiple tech jobs throughout the world thusall of their employers benefit from what they learned at their prioremployers.Many companies collaborate on manufacturing and even design as well aslicensing or incorporating components from other companies.The larger tech firms and VCs both in China as well as in the US invest aroundthe world.Competition is the mother of invention. Without trying to do better than thecompetition the market place might be standing still clearly the market isnot standing still. Each invention is the mother of the next invention inhouse or at a competitor.Altavista and Yahoo are for the most part dead but the successor firmsbenefited from their innovation and talent development.The concentration of the tech industry in Silicon Valley is about theconcentration of innovation and competition being good for the industryhaving additional tech centers and tech giants around the world only furtherfosters this competition and inovation.There are winners and losers. This is not a bad thing.
Could the rise of rapid prototyping eventually disrupt the trend of outsourcedmanufacturing and associated USA job loss?
I think it certainly could though possibly not for the reasons you wouldthink. As more and more people move away from massmanufactured products Ithink you will see an increase in smallrun manufacturing. Much of the smallrun stuff doesnt have the enormous cost savings that you see associated withthe mass manufacturing that large corporations currently outsource. The major reason that companies outsource manufacturing is savings on labor.With more efficient and effective machines and workflow processes thatautomate a lot of what is currently done with labor we could seemanufacturing come back to the USA though instead of blue collar workersdoing manufacturing CNC controllers and programmers would be in charge. Oncethe cost savings of labor are wiped out by machine automation and efficiencythe shipping costs and increased turnaround times will bring manufacturingback to the USA.
Are there any online USA jobs for Indians without an investment (likeadvertising, content writing and copy/paste jobs)?
Yes sure. Here isn’t location or national problem you can make money onlineover the world. And i’m doing that without any investment.There are some legitimate ways to earn money online for you freelancewebsites Freelancer Fiverr Udimi like advertising promote links……affiliate marketing blogging earning youtube…Finding the things about yourability what you are good at and start earning money online from them ieWord Excel…or Translation Data Entry copypaste job Design CustomerServices Programming ContentReview Writing…The legitimate ways to earn money online at home also for beginnerI have already worked on them and get paid web development field so you cando the same with your skills. I say first because its free and letigimately soyou must put your time in it it took me a week to get my first money.Msg me if you need some helps.I wish you success. Good luck
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