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What is the best way to discipline a child?

I was lying down peacefully on my bed. He came to me and said- 'Papa, shall I apply some cream on your feet' I was so happy, I Immediately said 'yes'. He brought a cream, took out a good quantity, seeing that his grandmother shouted- 'Oh my God, how much cream have you taken out?' Unbothered he applied the cream on my foot. I felt so relaxed and happy. After a while, he said- 'Done papa, now your dark feet have turned fair and beautiful?' I immediately sensed a wrong thought behind his nice act. Also, a day earlier I noticed a similar pattern in his behaviour and ignored, but not again. Instead of shouting at him or simply saying the correct thing, I almost screamed in frenzy- 'Remove it' 'Wipe it now' You have ruined the colour of my feet' 'Oh my God they were so beautiful' He was startled and realised that he had done something wrong. He immediately brought a towel and wiped my feet. And then I said- 'Thank God, I thought my original colour was lost' I said nothing more, he also replied nothing but his mind initiated a thought. The right thought. Racism, casteism, colorism, such things are so prevelant in our society even today that even a child isn't spared. I don't know where did he learn that from but as a parent I will make sure, every time he says such things, he is made to think about it.

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